CALLIGRAPHY PENMANSHIP with Apple Pencil and doodroo: a perfect kit for the new-calligraphy

Talking about the concept of nice handwriting or calligraphy could sound as anachronistic.

In fact, today penfriends are so rare. We are the generation that writes messages on a keyboard and that is not used any more to practice the exercise of writing on paper. But it would be a pity to lose this habit. In this regard, there are digital tools, as Calligraphy Penmanship, which still allow performing the beautiful handwriting.

This App offers a wonderful experience to many artists and handwriting lovers to create works directly on iPad.

You can analyse and see the decorative structure of the various letters, to improve them from time to time. You have only to type your text, validate it and then write it again with several embellishments and adjustments.

There is a section that provides pre-set types to follow or to use as a base, or to develop; guidelines on which to base, and grids that help to give the right proportions to the letters.

This App works very well if coordinated with DooDroo film and Apple Pencil. Why? Because the main tools used for traditional calligraphy are: brush, ink and paper. DooDroo film becomes the sheet on which to write, as for provides the same sensation through the sound generated when writing with Apple Pencil, which, itself, is the modern version of an ink nib or brushes used, for example, for Shodo: the expressive Japanese art realized using calligraphy.

All those with a lot of benefits, since you do not have to refill Apple Pencil with ink continuously and you do not have to change the nib every time you use a different colour. In fact, this App combines with Apple Pencil two more specific effects: nuance and alternate colours. With a different pressure to apply through stylus, you can generate also many variations of a single stroke.

Download Calligraphy Penmanship from this link


It is really a unique solution to let all “new-calligraphers” exercise on iPad or to give to many writers the chance to play experimental calligraphy on a mobile device.

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