PRÊT-À-TEMPLATE for an instant fashion language on iPad

Paraphrasing Miuccia Prada, what someone wears is the way to present him/herself to the world. Reality that we’re living in today fashion is an instant language.

For this reason model makers and fashion designers need a fast and performing tool, to create original and high-quality clothing products. For this and much more there’s Prêt-à-Template.

Prêt-à-Template is a sketchpad that has many fashion templates: clothing products, shoes and accessories. Each model is presented in 3D, then lateral, front and back. In this manner it’s easy to check proportions in a very accurate way.

It’s possible also to create personalized models in addition to the ones Prêt-à-Template already offers. With the right combination of clothing, hairstyling and silhouette, creating the most various combinations of trending outfits, each with a specific pattern, is really an immediate process. With Puzzle Look function these creations can be also continuously personalized. All these options make it a perfect platform on which create new sketches.

Prêt-à-Template provides other functionalities as sketchpad with unlimited pages, activation/deactivation of models in an immediate way while projecting and the chance to modify a work keeping always the original one. It’s also possible, even in this case, to synchronise everything on Cloud to have all contents on any device. The last but not the least, this App works even offline! In this way modifying sketches every time you have an inspiration is really feasible.

On Prêt-à-Template website it’s advised to use this App with Apple Pencil. This is for sure an excellent suggestion, because the sensitivity and precision of the stylus tip allows any designer to work precisely and with no risk to damage the work done. Besides, with doodroo film each artist will have the feeling to create a real paper pattern thanks to the noise generated by doodroo when used with Apple Pencil.


Prêt-à-Template represents a new way to think and create fashion. To try it, just download it for free on App Store at this link:

 Image Credits : PRET-A-TEMPLATE


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