The importance of sensory perception for writing in the early years at school

Observing the children,  Maria Montessori noticed that their interest in writing and reading began as early as preschool.

Thus she created the frosted letters, materials designed to take the first steps in reading with an approach based on a direct learning mode.

In fact, with the frosted letters children have the opportunity to match tactile sensation to visual perception, combining these with the sound of the letter they are touching and reproducing while swiping the tablet.

In this way children acquire excellent prerequisites to train their hands in view of a much more complex activity such as holding a pencil for writing.

The importance of sensory perception in the learning process is therefore evident from the earliest years of life and equally continues to be in the years ahead.

When thinking about the use of digital devices such as an iPad from primary school, it is feared that children could step away from handwriting, fundamental skill for cognitive development.


ipad kid paer like screen protector


Actually the iPad turns out to be an excellent ally for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences and do not be afraid of an abandonment of the handwriting.

To begin with, the digital device should not replace traditional tools, but it should integrate; this means that notebooks, pens and pencils will not be put aside.

Then being able to combine the device with the use of the Apple Pencil, it is possible to write on the iPad with the same grip of a pencil or pen, being able to rest your hand and wrist on the screen.

Another typical perplexity is related to the fact that some do not consider writing in a notebook similar to writing on a screen, because of the different feeling between the roughness of the paper and that of a smooth screen.

In this sense it can help us apply a film like doodroo or fives Screen Protector, dedicated precisely to making the writing experience on iPad with Apple Pencil “paper-based”.

In fact, once applied it will make us experience the feeling of using the Apple Pencil just like a pencil on paper, as also confirmed by many “Apple Distinguished Educator” teacher colleagues.

The possibility of creating multimedia notebooks, with lines or squares age appropriate, together with the possibility of combining handwriting with images or recording one’s own voice as well, we obtain again an educational tool involving together visual, auditory and tactile perceptions encouraging the child’s learning and cognitive development.



 Monica Sandri Apple Distinguished Educator
Monica Sandri 
Apple Distinguished Educator
Apple Teacher 
Serena Zanotti
Apple Distinguished Educator
Apple Teacher 


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