TinyTap and Apple Pencil: how making time spent in front of a screen fruitful

Many parents are concerned with the long time their children spend in front of a screen. There are, however, some tools that can make this time more helpful and fruitful. One of these is TinyTap.

TinyTap is an App that gives several games and activities for children. They are all games that promote independent learning and with them it’s possible to learn by making. A real “learning by doing”.

With TinyTap children can achieve gradually many learning objectives, each one basing on own pace. In fact, this App gives users several learning levels, always organised with gamification processes. In this way learning is even more enjoyable and stimulating.

Also, you can use TinyTap offline; an aspect that should be not overlooked, since thanks to this function, children can be entertained everywhere at any time.


This tool can also be used directly by educators and teachers. This because if you whish to achieve a specific purpose, you can personally create in few minutes some activities to insert on TinyTap. In fact, this App has an area in which you can insert your puzzles, speaking exercises and much more!

Last but not least, TinyTap is even very useful for teachers who want to find alternative ways to communicate with their students. With TinyTap to create reading and understanding paths and interactive activities is really an immediate process. It’s also very easy to share your own ideas with children, though this App works very well even with new online platforms as Hangout or Zoom. You have only to share the screen and you’re done!

Using TinyTap with Apple Pencil and doodroo film, you’ll have a tool much more powerful and stimulating. With its stylus having a very precise tip, for young users it’s easier to select icons, drag flash cards or solve puzzles. For the little ones it’s also a good chance to exercise gripping a pen; a very important skill for those who are approaching primary school. Finally, doodroo film helps making Apple Pencil more effective thanks to the resistant grip on iPad. In this way children have no more the risk to make mistakes because of a wrong pressure on the display.


TinyTap’s purpose, then, is to give children and youths the opportunity to learn every subject at any time and without too much difficulty. For further curiosity you can visit the Instagram page where there’s a continuous update of the new available activities.

You can download TinyTap on Apple Store at this link:


image credits : Tiny Tap

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