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Paper-feel anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint protective film for iPads

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This easy-to-apply film feels just like paper, letting you use your Apple Pencil like a real pencil




The iPad finally becomes a real paper notebook. doodroo has managed to recreate a screen protecting film with the same resistance and sound of a pencil writing on paper. An extraordinary result to date and long dreamed of by artists and writing enthusiasts, working on their iPads, missing a natural surface. 

Before doodroo™, using the Apple Pencil offered a very different experience from paper. Being that the traction of the Pencil on the iPad screen was almost non-existent, due to its smooth surface. As a result, students, teachers , doctors , designers and artists could not experience the same feeling of natural support, hence many shy away from the use of digital devices. 

Everything changes thanks to doodroo, who created a special screen protecting film. Laboratory tests have shown that Apple Pencil has a resistance of 0,24 whilst using a doodroo™. In comparison a pencil on paper has a resistance of 0,25, practically recreating the natural way to draw or write.

The doodroo film protects the iPad screen from scratches and thanks to it’s anti-glare surface, it’s usable under any light condition. With no lack in response, the Apple Pencil has never felt so natural, as well as comfortably using it with fingers. The film is fully functional not only with Apple Pencil but also with any compatible stylus.

Let customer speak for us and see some reviews 


  • 2x HD doodroo Film
  • 2x Application Sticker Set
  • 2x Screen Cleaner Set
  • 2x Dust Absorber
  • 2x Applicator
  • 1x Instructions Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Tony Fretwurst
Just not what i expected. But even better.

I was concerned, when i saw the estimated delivery times, but in fact it arrived really fast, it took not even a full week for delivery from Italy to Germany. As soon as it was in my hands then, i just could not stop drawing.
Also the overall hands on experience on Ipad does not lack in any point. I also play some games on the pad, when i travel and i never felt like i have to take off the foil for a better experience. 10/10 definitely worth a recommendation.


doodroo for iPad

Giovanni D’Apuzzo

doodroo for iPad

Filippo Aldrigo
Pellicola iPad Pro 11”

Ottimo prodotto di alta qualità

lorenzo goldaniga
Ottimo prodotto

L'ho applicata e aderisce alla perfezione arrivando a coprire tutto lo schermo. É ottima dal punto di vista delle performance, finalmente la matita Apple non scivola più sul vetro rendendo incontrollabili i movimenti. La spedizione é arrivata velocemente e il prodotto ben imballato. Prodotto che consiglierei, costa tanto ma ho la sensazione che sia un prodotto durevole.