Make your mark as Monet or Seurat, with Paintstorm Pro and Apple Pencil

Impressionism, expressionism and pointillism are all artistic movements that many famous painters have created just through the variation of a gesture: the use of the brush.

So, imagine these great artists as Munch, Seurat o Monet paint on digital. They should certainly use Paintstorm.


Digital paint is mainly a question of brushes and in this app they play a crucial role. In fact, Paintstorm is the first app for iOS created with a wide array of brushes to be adapted to the various painting styles. In this way you can create simple sketches or true professional artworks.


The purpose of Paintstorm creators was to introduce an intuitive tool, easy to use and extremely functional, to let all creative people best express their own artistic technique.


Here is the result. Paintstorm provides you with: several possibilities of brush setting with bristles of various shapes. You can also correct or modulate your stretch after outlining. All these options are combined in a dynamic and lively interface, where you can find also a mixer to fade and matt colours as you want.

That’s not all. With the last upgrade Paintstorm becomes Pro. On version 2.43 the loading startup is five times faster than before, the double brush is completely new and the second brush now supports even the pattern and GPU acceleration. You will find also the new “position” parameter that will allow very precise brush synchronization.


All these novelties allow a better expression of your potential, if you use also Apple Pencil. Yes, since Paintstorm Pro allows you really to find out the versatile precision of this tool. If you combine Paintstorm to the doodroo film then your iPad screen will become a perfect canvas where you could press, tilt and drag the Apple Pencil tip to create backgrounds or lines of all thicknesses and forms. This tool is the most innovative brush version you could ever have.

Paintstorm Pro’s great versatility makes it essential for any artist genre, whatever you are. This app is therefore a great chance for many cartoonists, illustrators or tattooists and it ensures high quality.

If you want to make your mark, you can find it on Apple Store on this link


Image credits: Paintostorm Studio


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