Apple Pencil and iPad help the Ecosystem

Have you ever thought that the iPad and the Apple Pencil could be environmental solutions? You might never have noticed or sometimes you did thought about this eventuality, but the use of the digital pen of the Cupertino company could reduce some of the happenings that alter the climate: the knocking down of trees for paper and the use of coal for the colors.

Apple sustainability
First of all, Apple is proud to be focused on the environment and works constantly to reduce its environmental impact. According to the company's Environmental Responsibility Report, the company is focusing on climate change, safer resources and materials.

“The biggest step of the past year is that Apple now manages all of its operations with 100% renewable energy.”

All facilities around the world, including Apple offices, retail stores and data centers, are now entirely powered by clean energy. This would appear to be only the beginning of how Apple plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Apple's interest also affects the carbon footprint, which includes manufacturing and using of the product. Apple's attention to the environment is greater than most companies.

The company claims to use a combination of renewable resources including solar and wind power to reduce its footprint. Apple claims that about 66% of the renewable energy it produces comes from projects created and managed by Apple. They will continue to explore new markets and invest in energy storage, an essential element in the transition to renewable energy.

This also extends to the products that Apple sells to the customers. For example, the latest generation MacBook Pro consume 61% less energy than the previous generation. The HomePod consumes less energy when playing music than the average LED bulb. And of course, Apple has tried to reduce its carbon footprint on the packaging of all devices.

Can the Apple Pencil and the iPad solve environmental problems?
As anticipated, another example of environmental sustainability is attributable to the use of the Apple Pencil in synergy with the iPad. It is sadly known that the knocking down of trees for the production of paper is one of the reasons that cause the greenhouse effect and therefore climate change.

Of the 17 billion cubic meters of trees deforested every year, over 60% are used to produce paper . This deforestation is responsible for almost a fifth of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

That's why the Apple Pencil could be a fundamental solution to change the destructive tendency of mankind. The use of the Apple accessory in a widespread manner would prevent the chopping of thousands of trees per year. In fact, through the use of the Apple Pencil in synergy with the iPad it is possible to do everything that is achievable on paper . You can easily take notes, create drawings and works and easily color everything you have produced.

Another aspect that the use of accessories such as the Apple Pencil could solve is that related to the use of colors. The production of colors involves toxic substances such as titanium dioxide which is processed and extracted at temperatures above 2000 degrees. In addition, each ton of pigment produces 4 to 12 tons of waste.

In light of these considerations, we can say with certainty that the replacement of the Apple Pencil and the iPad, compared to traditional writing or drawing methods, could lead to significant improvements in terms of environmental impact and sustainability.


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