Why you should buy a doodroo screen protector

The doodroo screen protector, designed for iPad, lives up to its promise.


With doodroo, writing or drawing on your iPad (with your finger or the Apple Pencil) will feel as natural as on real paper.


This screen protector offers more traction to the screen, so you will have more control.


It also protects the screen from scratches and significantly reduces fingerprints.




  • Makes the iPad screen feel more like paper
  • Reduces reflection
  • Reduces fingerprints
  • Provides more traction to the Apple Pencil and compatible stylus
  • Extremely thin





Applying the doodroo on your iPad is easy and you will not encounter any difficulty.


The screen protector comes with a printed guide and a QR code, that will direct you to view the instruction video.


By following the instructions carefully, the doodroo will apply smoothly and without bubbles.


Once installed, it fits perfectly.


Face ID works as normal, as there are cutouts around the camera.


You can safely take selfies and all the functionality of the camera and microphones remain unchanged.


No iPad functionality is compromised by the screen protector.


doodroo is very thin and it doesn’t add weight to the iPad, nor decrease the sensitivity of the screen.


Perhaps one thing you will happily notice, is that it minimizes the quantity of fingerprints on the screen.


Many people often use hand-lotion, so the iPad might be a fingerprint-covered mess, which needs recurring cleaning sessions.


This screen protector doesn't prevent fingerprints entirely, but it certainly reduces them drastically.


You can spend days and days without cleaning it (although maybe you shouldn't, for health reasons anyway :))


You’ll have the freedom, to keep the iPad without a case if you prefer its original minimal look, and still prevent the screen from unwanted scratches.

Often when we put our iPad in the bag, keys and other objects can cause “the marks”... you’ll definitely love that invisible extra protection for your iPad screen.


The paper feeling screen protector offers even more traction than a pen on paper.


doodroo keeps its promises!


Writing or drawing with doodroo gives you the same feeling of a pen on paper, more natural than using an iPad without the screen protection.


Most importantly, with doodroo you’ll have the guarantee of 100% satisfied or money back.


doodroo the real PaperFeeling screen protector for iPad.


draw  and write  on ipad like on paper

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Apple Pencil and iPad help the Ecosystem

Apple Pencil and iPad help the Ecosystem


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