Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 1
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 2
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 3
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 4
Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX immagine 5
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Displayschutzfolie für Onyx BOOX

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This easy-to-apply film feels just like paper, letting you use your Boox Pen like a real pencil




Die Kiste wird endlich zu einem echten Notizbuch aus Papier. 

Der erste und originelle Paper Feel ScreenProtektor für Onyx Box

doodroo ist es gelungen, eine Bildschirmschutzfolie mit der gleichen Widerstandsfähigkeit und dem gleichen Geräusch wie eine Bleistiftschrift auf Papier nachzubilden. Ein bisher außergewöhnliches Ergebnis, von dem Notetaker lange geträumt hat 

Vor doodroo, mit dem boox  bot eine ganz andere Erfahrung als echtes Papier, da die Traktion des Stifts auf dem Box-Bildschirm sehr gering war!

Infolgedessen konnten die Protokollanten nicht das gleiche Gefühl der natürlichen Unterstützung erfahren.

Alles ändert sich dank doodroo, der eine spezielle Bildschirmschutzfolie entwickelt hat. 

Labortests haben diesen Stift gezeigt  hat einen Widerstand von 0,24 bei Verwendung eines doodroo. Im Vergleich dazu hat ein Bleistift auf Papier einen Widerstand von 0,25, was der natürlichen Art des Zeichnens oder Schreibens praktisch nachempfunden ist.

Die doodroo-Folie schützt den boox-Bildschirm vor Kratzern und ist dank seiner entspiegelten Oberfläche bei allen Lichtverhältnissen einsetzbar. Ohne mangelnde Reaktion hat sich der Stift noch nie so natürlich angefühlt und lässt sich bequem mit den Fingern bedienen. Die Folie ist mit boox voll funktionsfähig  Stift 

 Einfach zu installieren mit Videoanleitung und ohne Blasengarantie

Getestet und genehmigt von „My Deep Guide“



In der Box:

  • 2x doodroo Film
  • 2x Anwendungsaufkleber-Set
  • 2x BildschirmReiniger Satz
  • 2x Staub absorbierer
  • 2x Applikator
  • 1x Anleitungsblatt


Bildnachweis: Onyx-Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Poor application, and even worst Customer Service

Tried it out, and the protector is difficult to adhere without creating bubbles. As you try to fix, it simply gets worse until you cannot really use the protector. There is a reason they send two. They know it is poor. Tried to reach an amicable resolution with Customer Service. They had an attitude, did not provide a real resolution, and took long to respond. Sadly, this is more hype than quality. It is not worth the price.

Mediocre Quality. Poor Customer Service

The screen protector us not easy to apply without generating bubbles. It gets worst as you try to undo them. Customer Service’s attitude is poor. They respond with an attitude. No real resolution is provided. Not worth the price of the protector.

Henrik Tived
Nice surface poor application

You have a nice writing surface, but applying it to the device isn’t good. My iPad 12.9 the sheet is 1mm too big on all sides making it difficult to put a case on back the device after having applied the Doodroo. I had two go’s
Adding it to my smaller iPad there was too much static.
My Boox TUC was the last of the three, this one I had the best experience with, only two dust air bubbles. You would think after applying 5 sheets of these you would have worked it out, or perhaps the application method isn’t all that great. Mind you not all devices have straight edges! The older iPad Pro 9.7 is rounded.

Not very happy with it and wouldn’t recommend or buy it unless you can provide a better application process.

Duane Pye
Beautiful texture

It's amazing how much the Doodroo feels like I'm writing on good paper. It adds so much to the experience. I highly recommend this product to anyone who appreciates the sensory aspect of writing.

Novice Notetaker
Doodroo is the Realdeal

I am new to the space of eNotetaking and purchased a Boox Tab Ultra C after extensive research. I love the Tab Ultra C, with all of its ups and downs that I read about, it seems perfect for me, for right now. And again, I am a complete middle-aged novice, with an active mind to change the world. While I didn't mind the natural Boox Tab surface with the native stylus, I read about a "more natural feeling" that I could achieve with a doodroo cover and a titanium tip in my stylus. So, I tried it out. And...I love it. It feels even better, more natural like pen and paper. I do have a couple of tiny bubbles that I can't seem to clear at the bottom. They look like the tiniest piece of dust landed as I was applying the sheet. They have zero negative impact on the performance and no one other than me can notice them unless they are doing and official screen protector audit on me. I wish I could ease them out, but they are part of me now.

I love the Boox Tab Ultra C for notetaking and I love the Doodroo screen protector (with titanium tip on the stylus). I have never tried anything else, so to me, this is a perfect world. Thank you.