Apple Pencil, doodroo and Explain Edu for a 2.0 teaching

The distance teaching issue has been certainly one of the most topical one in recent months.

How distance teaching can be made attractive? How students can be involved if Tablets and PC separate us even more?

The answer, in reality, is easy. In fact, there are tools and applications that make the increasingly necessary distance teaching extremely interesting. One of these is Explain Edu!

App like Explain Edu helps both teachers and students to get the best of a device as iPad.  


This tool allows you to put together drawings, texts, videos and photos to create very attractive presentations, to share with your students. First of all, you can load them on Cloud archive, so that your students can recover and read them at any time. Then, they too can create a presentation, write a text or recover it to write more or repeat a subject. It is like they had an “ultra pro” PowerPoint version.

These points are interesting enough to understand how it is possible to involve students at a distance in few simple steps.

If you want learn more details about Explain Edu, you have to know that: it is designed for schools with iOS distributions and it could be acquired via Apple Purchase Program volume  (VVP). It is very easy and intuitive because you can use formats and tools you already know: pdf, ppt, website access and video files.

There are some news in the last version. Drawing and notes modalities have been modified and are easier to activate. Drawings can be moved or grouped manually and individually. Many alerts and notifications have been rewritten so that nobody could miss them. These are only some of the many upgrading made. Using Explain Edu now is much easier than before. 

Finally, to get the best we suggest you to integrate it with DooDroo Film and Apple Pencil. Why? For many reasons.

First of all, Apple Pencil allows you to make lessons more interactive. The possibility to modify slides in “live stream” allows you to drag multimedia content, write notes at the moment and highlight parts of the text you are analysing. A bit like a “homemade” LIM, but with the best precision and grip using doodroo screen protector.

Explain Edu is therefore the best App for the new teaching of the 21st century.

It helps teachers to improve the digital lesson quality and they will appear so creative to student’s eyes.

In short, a guarantee to make a great job!

To download Explain Edu go to App Store on this page

Photo Credits : Explain Everything

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