Design is everywhere with AFFINITY DESIGNER

Paul Rand said that everything is design. Houses, phones, websites are all design expressions. Thanks to Affinity Designer this concept is much more tangible. With Affinity Designer design is everywhere, since you can express your graphic and designer nature on iPad, whenever and wherever you want.

Affinity Designer, also available on Mac and Windows, if used on iPad, will revolutionise your way of working. This App won Apple Design Award 2015 and this is synonymous of guarantee. In fact, it was thought by some of the most famous graphics in the world, to ensure the maximum possible efficiency.

Affinity offers you many functions to create images with great effect, logos for events or companies, printing projects and much more. Moreover, it’s a quick and precise tool since it works with documents of any complexity that you can enlarge up to 1.000.000%. Moreover, it has really meticulous vector tools as: pen, node tool and a tool to modify curves and shapes. All of this together with many other options to apply specific plots or particular finishing to your work. With this App you can also draw directly on isometric plans. Then, it fits to every kind of project you wish to create.


With Apple Pencil, then, you can use at the best all several raster brushes you have at disposal. With them you can modify, for instance, the icons pixels or check the aspects of strokes and shapes you create.

Apple Pencil ensures a better precision if you have to change the angle of a building, or of a geometric structure. You’ve only to position the tip on the specific section, move the angle and that’s it.

One of the most interesting options on Affinity Designer, finally, is the possibility to draw through vectors. You can appreciate even more this function if on iPad you have also a doodroo film. This film allows you to feel the drawing surface more real and then to better define the work’s details.

Defining the specific measuring of a square, making real editing of shapes and transform a parallelepiped in a real pool, are only some of the many activities you can perform on Affinity Designer.

If you’re curious to try it, download this App directly at this  link  


Image credits : AFFINITY DESIGNER 

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