Adobe Fresco, doodroo and Apple Pencil: another perfect set for digital painting

In the last few days we’ve already noted the Paintstorm App for digital painting, but if you’ve not yet decided which tool for artistic works fits better to your style, our new advise is Adobe Fresco.

Fresco is an Adobe App made for all emerging artists who love to express their inspiration on digital devices.

As in Paintstorm, even in this case brushes are the real protagonists of the application. They are dynamic and very similar to the original ones, both for consistency, look and function. On Adobe Fresco you can always define the brushstroke thickness. In this way you can crate also 3D drawings. A precious stimulus if, for example, you are an illustrator for kids! You could create a kind of “pop up” book, but on iPad! 

Instead, if you are a nature lover and you love to transpose on canvas many different landscapes, Adobe Fresco is suitable anyway.

You can paint with countless oils and watercolours that combine creating fashionable shades.

You can also modify your works with vectorial brushes to create clearer and more precise lines. You have a total freedom of expression!

pellicola iPad disegno

Adobe Fresco has many interesting functions, as of course integration with Adobe Photoshop and automatic synchronization on Cloud. In this way all your complete, or not, works are always with you. If you have a sudden inspiration, you can open one device of yours and add new details. Everybody knows:  art cannot be stopped!

All these potential can better express if you use Adobe Fresco together with our doodroo Film and Apple Pencil. You can read everywhere that this App was created specially for iPad and Apple Pencil. No other stylus, in fact, provides so well an idea to hold a brush as Adobe Fresco does and no other film looks so similar to a sheet or a canvas.

doodroo and Apple Pencil are therefore the perfect mix to create a trio of wonder!

To use Adobe Fresco you have to get a free Adobe account, then you can found it for free on App Store on this link:


Image credits: Adobe® 



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