CONCEPTS: the digital space to make new ideas real

The word “concept” means literally a thought that can be used in practice. Concepts App allows doing just that: giving shape to thoughts and new ideas. In fact, it’s a flexible digital space on which thinking and projecting. Many famous graphics use Concepts since it’s a tool that allows a natural, fluid and intuitive workflow. Through this app, technology stimulates fully your creativity.


On Concepts it’s possible to create projects with many canvas, write notes on ongoing works and even create real storyboards. All this, with the possibility to zoom and modify the drawings inclination on the screen.

Even this App has vector tools. This option allows making projects very dynamical: move them, organize them, set their opacity and fluidity at any time. On Concepts, moreover, sharing new works is a very quick process.

It’s possible to export images to PDF and drawing boards and then print them or have immediate feedback from customers. Afterwards, projects can be sent directly via email, shared on Cloud or on social network.

This App, then, combines flexibility of a traditional sketchbook with versatility of a digital tool. Concepts includes even many brushes and pens that respond promptly to different pressure and speed. With these tools you can also give a watercolour effect, perhaps to a particular natural project.

Having an Apple Pencil, then, would improve these functions performance, thanks to its sensitive and precise nature. Another excellent investment is combining it with doodroo since Apple Pencil reacts even more effectively. On this film, it sounds as a real pencil and it ensures a more precise tip positioning.

All brushes and favourite preset can be later inserted in a personalized “circular bar” that is a real “tool-wheel” for use on a need-to-know basis.

Concepts is therefore the version “pro” of sketches on paper, where ideas may take form, change and evolve everywhere.


To try Concepts, you can download it for free at this link:


Image  credits : Concepts

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