iORNAMENT: the App that combines art and technique on iPad

Recently we talked about Amaziograph, a useful App to draw and create mandala in an easy and intuitive way. There’s another tool that allows you to relax and meditate through the art of mandala or to create hypnotizing symmetries. We’re talking about iOrnament.

iOrnament is an App designed to create ornamental and geometrically complex artworks. It’s suitable to any kind of work you whish to create: kaleidoscopic forms and even reproduction of roofs or intricate floors. Besides, it’s an App suitable to many kind of artists, amateurs who whish to experience their inspiration, architects or designers who need to create specific and technically structured projects. This is precisely why iOrnament is defined as a tool that can combines art and technique.


With this App, besides, it’s possible to experience flat crystallographic groups, namely discrete groups of flat isometry. Practically, they are patterns you can find on mosaics. These groups have some specific symmetrical peculiarities, defined by their own specular axis and centres of rotation. All these symmetries may be articulated through 17 different combinations and create several artistic forms.

Does it seem complicated? iOrnament can remedy with captions that explain in a interactive and detailed way the ideas behind every work to create. You can find them directly on the main screen, selecting the item to deepen and then starting creating. So it’s an instructive and very easy tool to use, since it combines practicality and clarity regarding its functions.

This App has a rich colour palette to choose, a specific glow for the stretch to make it fluorescent and the possibility to make animated drawings.


In all this it had to be present the specific support for Apple Pencil. In fact, with its tip you can be much more precise creating the various geometric forms. Selecting different stretches or nuances it’s much easier and more immediate using this stylus. Finally, doodroo film makes this process much more real since it allows a better tip sensibility and more chances to make very meticulous works.

If you whish a forefront, expressive and relaxing tool on iPad, iOrnament is the right one.

The download is very easy on Apple Store at this link:

 Image Credits : iORNAMENT


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