Discover what kind of artist you are with PROCREATE

So far we’ve talked about a series of creative applications, each one suitable to a specific kind of artist. We’ve seen Calligraphy Penmanship and the great opportunities provided to architects, Amaziograph to create mandala and so on. Today we talk about an App that really can be a good chance for all emerging creative artist, of any kind or current they are. We’re talking about Procreate.

Procreate is the App for artistic production par excellence that makes available many innovative tools and a very quick graphic engine, Valkyrie.

Procreate is an artistic lab for all purposes that can be started in every case and everywhere.


In this App there’s everything you need to create many different works: simple sketches, more complex paintings, illustrations with brilliant colours. You can also create technical drawings or isometries through a precise control on measuring, especially through the QuickShape function.

By clicking straight on “new canvas” option in the top right, it starts a new project and you can select also the specific dimensions of the screen. Canvases to choose are all “high definition” and they fit perfectly to any new drawing or sketch.

In this regard, we suggest trying Procreate with our doodroo film. In this way besides to have canvas of several sizes, you can also test the feeling to have a real one in your hand and to paint on a real support.


Another important element: Procreate ensures a continuous auto saving. So you don’t risk losing the work made. You can always recover it!


One of the most interesting functions of this App is the chance to animate you artworks. You can reproduce time laps to relive step-by-step the whole production process. An opportunity that very few means can ensure!

In Procreate the main tool is of course the brush. Consequently, combining Apple Pencil with Procreate is the best match to make. Procreate has more than 100 revolutionary brushes, effectively made and its stretch can be adjusted to the type of drawing to be done. Each brush has more than 100 settings you can maximise, with an absolute precision thanks to its tip.


If this description of Procreate has been convincing, you can download the App directly on Apple Store at this link:


The cost is 10,99 euro. An essential expense to anyone who wants to use iPad, Apple Pencil and doodroo for creativity.


Photo credits : Procreate




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