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jean-luc Roussel

Pur plaisir

Gülhan Yanar
Awesome for the Surface

So I was looking for a screen film or protector that can imitade a paperlike feel. There are many contributors for Ipads but not for Mikrosoft products. So when I finally found the doodroo protection film for my surface I was a little worried and thought to myself: What if there are no other options because it simply doesnt work the same way on the Surfaces and thats why there is not competion?

But I was wrong ! After I ordered it took less than a week to arrive ( I live in Germany). There are two screen protectors that arrived. So dont worry if you mess anything up.

The appliance was a breeze and after 10 minutes I was ready to go.

My surface looks way better then before, because of the matt finish it looks really good and clean. I'm using a surface pen with it and I have a tip from Microsoft that imitated the feel of an H pen/pencil.

Would recommend to everyone who uses their surface to take notes a lot. Before my surface felt like sliding on ice. Now I actually am able to write as fast as on paper. There are no accuracy issues whatsoever.

Just wow. In the picture that I attached you can see, some notes I took during a lecture, with oneNote.

LEe Jin Liang
Excellent product.

Like the product very much.

Andrea Zippilli

Ottimo prodotto e tempi di spedizione rapidissimi. Consiglio il prodotto perché è molto valido.

Marco Nicolussi
doodroo per Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Prodotto ottimo, provato nell'uso quotidiano sembra davvero di scrivere sulla carta!