Doodroo paper-effect films for writing, drawing, taking notes on Apple iPad, Onyx BOOX, Samsung Tab, reMarkable, Microsoft Surface and Amazon Kindle. These screen protectors are anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection for not only optimal protection, but also maximum convenience in any indoor or outdoor environment.

The film adapts to the screen of your tablet leaving the holes free for the camera and without impeding functions such as facial recognition. The doodroo screen protector is designed for professionals such as architects, tattoo artists, designers, engineers or anyone who needs to create diagrams for their work. It is also perfect for those who study and want to take notes in a convenient and totally digital way, but do not want to give up the papery feel of a notebook. The paper effect film by doodroo is intended to be a practical aid for those who recognise the advantages of digital but want the same experience as writing and drawing on paper. Inside the package you will find 2 protective films and all the necessary tools to apply the screen protector in a completely simple way.