Paper Feel Screen Protector : what it is and what are the advantages

Have you ever thought of turning your iPad into a real sketchpad? With the paper-effect film it’s absolutely possible. Arm yourself with an iPad and an Apple Pencil but also a paper-effect film to begin drawing creatively exploiting technology.

doodroo: the paperfeeling screen protector  

doodroo  film is a tool designed for iPad to help you writing and drawing comfortably; this film helps you get a high sensitive and responsive surface to write or draw realistically, just as if you were doing it on paper. Why do they like it? It can recreate all the feelings you would get from writing or drawing on paper, exploiting technology. So the Screen Protector  can turn your device into a real digital paper sheet. Plus, also the sound is the same you would get drawing on paper; many nostalgic people understand the importance and potential of technology but they remain anchored to the past, for sensations and emotions as sound, touch or feelings. This is why the doodroo protective paper-effect film was developed, giving the feeling of paper to those who are looking for it.

Who the doodroo film is indicated for

thinks of those who work with the world of drawing: tattoo artists, architects, graphics , business manager  but also of all people who draw with commitment and need a technologically advanced system able to move.

However, doodroo is not only suitable for those who draw:  so journalists, interviewers, copywriters or simply those who have contact with customers and are used to handwriting, can use this film to take notes writing “by hand” but digitally. Anyway it’s not only for business: the doodroo™ film is perfect also for students who want to take notes or begin to draw and create using technology, but at the same time stick to paper-effect. What’s its edge? Undoubtedly the anti-scratch technology that helps the pencil slide in a natural way.

Not only for drawing: extra functions

Thanks to the anti-scratch technology the film allows you to slide the pencil for drawing or taking notes in a very easy way, and that’s not all: the film has also the anti-glare function. This technology allows you to use your iPad in any light and angle conditions for reading, surfing, using social media or watching a movie.

What devices can you use it on?

We mentioned iPad that maybe is one of the most used devices, but the film can be easily applied also on Surface Pro and Onyx Boox. One more good reason to choose it is its ease of application. Moreover, doodroo is particularly aware of the environment: in fact, the brand as well as offering a less polluting alternative to paper, it actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions from shipping. How? It compensates them in a certified way to prevent them from burdening the planet.

doodroo advantages

– Perfect for writing on mobile devices recreating the paper-effect

– Ideal for those who draw in both study and professional contexts 

– Feelings are really like a paper even in sound and touch

– It’s anti-scratch and anti-glare

– It’s a green choice to reduce paper usage and compensate CO2 emissions through certified actions

– It’s suitable for iPad, Surface Pro e Onyx Boox

– It’s easy to apply

– It can be used in any light and angle conditions

– It guarantees the natural slide of the pencil and the extreme precision in the stroke

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