Paper-effect screen protector vs. glass screen protector

Paper-effect screen protector vs. glass screen protector

There are several types of protectors you can choose for your tablet or iPad. When it comes to protecting your screen, often the choice is between a film or a glass screen protector: two different products, especially in the case of a doodroo paper-effect screen protector, but with more or less similar purposes. Let's find out what changes and when you need to choose one product over the other.


Generally, to the eye, a film screen protector is not much different from a glass screen protector: both are transparent and cut to fit the screen. To the touch, both provide excellent smoothness and allow our finger to interact with the touch screen in the best way possible. However, we can note that the film is finer and softer to the touch than a glass screen protector. This difference may be due to the different materials from which they are made. The thick glass screen protector is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), a flexible material designed to absorb vibrations. Other times, we can find screen protectors in tempered glass: a thicker protective screen that feels almost like glass to the touch. Film protectors are often made of PET (but can also be found in TPU), a material that is optimal against scratches and, at the same time, also offers good protection to the touch screen.


When a "creative" object such as a tablet is concerned, sometimes additional treatments are necessary, which cannot be carried out on a glass screen protector. Therefore, using a PET film – perhaps with a paper effect – might be the right choice. Moreover, doodroo films are made from high quality PET: its protective characteristics also denote the best performance possible. A glass screen protector is characterized by optimal strength but, especially when it comes to artistic or work-related needs, it can be uncomfortable: it is slippery to the touch and even more so when using a digital pen such as an Apple Pencil. A tempered or TPU glass screen protector, therefore, may be more useful for a smartphone or a tablet used sporadically.


The doodroo paper-effect screen protector is made of high-quality PET and is not just a simple film. The PET material, in fact, has allowed our film to undergo additional treatments not commonly found on a normal protective film for iPads. What really sets it apart is the paper-effect finish that brings with it more friction while writing or drawing: it really feels like you are writing in a notebook. You will almost certainly always find that smooth tempered or TPU glass screen protectors are not suitable for writing and drawing, as they are too slippery. Our paper-effect film, moreover, offers some special features that are rarely found on a glass screen protector. It is, in fact, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare. These features are indispensable when using a tablet for artistic, design or note-taking purposes. Doodroo's paper-effect screen protector allows you to create in any circumstance, in the most natural way, while still protecting the screen of your Samsung, Microsoft, Onyx Boox, remarkable or iPad tablet.

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