What is paper screen protector?

What is paper screen protector?

Everyone is familiar with the classic smartphone screen film with its different finishes (matte, glossy, privacy and many more), generally associated with protecting the precious touch screen of the device, as well as offering certain visual features such as gloss or anti-glare. A paper-effect screen protector is, however, different and may be just what you are looking for.


  • Materials: durability and strength

    What makes a doodroo tablet paper-effect film special is obviously the material and the finish. While other glass screen protectors or films are made of tempered glass, 9h or silicone, the doodroo screen protector is made of PET: a material offering good strength, resistance to wear and abrasion. In light of this, if we are to consider the protective properties expected of a touch screen film, the doodroo one is certainly effective. But that's not all: we are talking about materials from Japan, a country known for a quality manufacturing process when it comes to these types of items. The "technical" merits of this screen protector are proven and we can confidently say that it's the right choice for protecting the display of your device.

    The paper-effect: it transforms your tablet into a sheet of paper

    The paper-effect finish is, however, what most characterizes this type of film. Doodroo, in fact, was created to meet the needs of artists, students and professionals who see drawing or writing on tablets as an unprecedented convenience, but are unable to make the most of it because of the abysmal difference between a touch screen and a sheet of paper. In fact, the smooth finish of a display offers a totally different friction and, for someone used to writing on a sheet of paper, being able to write or draw on a tablet becomes quite difficult. Doodroo offers a viable solution: the paper-effect screen protector. Apply it to your tablet, try writing or drawing with your digital pencil and watch the touch screentransform into a real sheet of paper!

    Characteristics: more than just a screen protector

    The stunning similarity to paper is definitely the main characteristic and what makes the doodroo paper-effect film a life-saving product for all professionals and creative enthusiasts. Doodroo could have stopped there, but our paper-effect films for iPads and tablets also offer other very important properties. In fact, they are anti-scratch, so you can keep your tablet inside a bag without your house keys scratching it. They are also anti-glare, so you can work to your full potential in any light condition. Finally, they are even anti-fingerprint, so you can use your tablet with peace of mind without having to worry about any kind of dirt. We're sure you'll also appreciate the sound of the pencil on the film: it's just like that of a regular pencil on a sheet of paper!

    Doodroo is for you: professionals, enthusiasts, note-takers, readers

    Doodroo is chosen on a daily basis by drawing artists, tattoo artists and designers around the world. The smooth, natural strokes and the precision they can enjoy in creating their works are unparalleled. What's more, by combining them with certain apps, they can revolutionize the way they create, in a completely positive way. However, you do not need to be a professional to make the most of doodroo paper-effect film.

    Students of any age and field of study can also benefit in no small measure. With the ever-increasing digitization in schools, a new way of taking notes and learning is emerging. Today's students often have only one notebook or school book in their school bag: an iPad tablet. This tool allows them to draw, take notes and organize their studying in a new, convenient and immersive way. Despite this, apps or tools are not always put to good use because of the smooth finish of the display, which makes it challenging to write accurately and consistently with the available space. This issue often causes students to miss the good old paper they were used to write on since childhood. That's precisely why doodroo's paper-effect iPad film is used every day by students of all ages, who always have nothing but praise for it!

    Last – but only in order – are readers, who no longer have shelf space for new books and who recognize the advantages of having thousands of titles in one small item. The doodroo e-reader film is perfect for those who like to feel the texture of paper in their hands and don't want reading to be hindered by fingerprints on the display.

    The devices: a wide range of tablets, iPads, e-ink and e-paper

    Doodroo makes paper-effect films for iPad, as well as for Samsung, Microsoft Surface and other brands of tablets. However, doodroo decided to go beyond just the everyday tablet world to make protective films for even more professional e-ink or e-paper devices such as Onyx BOOX or remarkable. The doodroo screen protector is made to respect the specific characteristics of each model: from the camera hole located inside the edges, as well as ensuring case-friendly use. In particular, the orientation and features of iPads are often different from model to model. However, by choosing one of our paper-effect iPad films you are in very good hands: check the reference category and you are sure to find one suitable for your iPad model. For readers, we also thought of paper-effect screen protectors for Amazon's e-reader : the Kindle. You can use the paper-effect iPad film with an Apple Pencil or any other digital pen, or simply with your finger. Doodroo offers not only the best paper-effect tablet film for drawing or writing, but also for reading.

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