How to apply a doodroo paper screen protector?

How to apply a doodroo paper screen protector?

Video tutorial with instructions: everything you need to apply the doodroo paper-feel screen protector!
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How to apply paper-effect film to the tablet screen

Using a tablet to writedraw or read can sometimes feel less natural than using traditional paper. Fortunately, with doodroo protective films for iPads and other devices, it is possible to replicate the feeling of writing on paper, significantly improving the use of the device. In this guide, we show you how to properly apply the paper-effect screen protector to your tablet's display.

Preparing the work area

Before starting, it is essential that you properly prepare the place where you will apply the film. Choose a clean, smooth and well-lit surface. Make sure you have everything you need on hand: the doodroo screen protector, a microfiber cloth, a spatula to remove air bubbles, and, if available, a screen cleaning fluid. It is important to work in an environment as dust-free as possible, to prevent unwanted particles from being trapped under the film.

Cleaning the screen

The first step is to clean your tablet screen thoroughly to remove fingerprints, dust and other impurities. Use the microfiber cloth, slightly moistened with the specific liquid for cleaning screens. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the screen or the film. Once the screen is clean and dry, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Positioning the film on the screen

Carefully open the paper-effect screen protector package and remove the protective film from its wrapping. Most films have two protective layers: one that must be removed before application and the other after. Identify the side of the film that should adhere to the screen and prepare to place it on the tablet.

Applying the film on the display

Carefully place the film on the screen, starting at one corner and moving slowly to the opposite side. Try to align the film as precisely as possible with the screen edges and with any buttons or cameras. Once the film has been applied, use the spatula to flatten it and remove any air bubbles. Use gentle movements from the center to the edges of the screen.

Removing air bubbles and the finishing touches

Even if you are careful, air bubbles may form under the film. Use the spatula again to gently push these bubbles toward the nearest edge until they are completely eliminated. If you notice particles of dust under the film, you can carefully lift the nearest edge using a piece of adhesive tape and remove the dust that has settled.

Finishing the application of the film on the tablet

Once you have removed all the air bubbles and ensured that the film adheres perfectly to the screen at every point, you have successfully completed the application of your doodroo paper-effect film. Now you can enjoy an enhanced writing and drawing experience, with a tactile feel similar to that of paper.




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