How to clean your paper screen protector?

How to clean your paper screen protector?

All the tricks and tips to keep your doodroo paper effect film clean and preserved!

Doodroo's paper effect protective films transform the interaction with tablets, e-readers, iPad Pro 11" (2024), iPad Air 13" (2024) and other touch screen devices, making it similar to the experience of writing or drawing on paper. Their ability to protect your device from scratches and wear and tear is quite remarkable! However, to preserve this functionality over time, careful and regular cleaning is crucial. Proper maintenance not only prolongs the life of the film, but also ensures a flawless user experience.

The importance of cleaning for ensuring the longevity of the film

Cleaning your paper-effect protective film on a regular basis is essential in order to extend its life. Impurities such as fingerprints, skin oil, dust and ink residue can accumulate on the surface, impairing the quality of your interaction with the device. Effective cleaning prevents these accumulations, ensuring that the film retains its protective and aesthetic properties over time.

Using the doodroo artist's glove to prevent fingerprints

To minimize the risk of leaving fingerprints and dirt on the screen while using your device, we strongly recommend the use of the doodroo artist glove. This accessory not only enhances the drawing or writing experience by preventing direct skin contact with your device's screen, but also acts as a barrier against dirt, helping to keep the surface clean for longer.

Doodroo cleaning kit: a useful film cleaning accessory

The doodroo cleaning kit is a valuable ally for preserving protective films. Simply spray from a few inches away and wipe the microfiber part to remove fingerprints, dust and dirt. This cleaning kit has no chemicals in it, so it is an allergy-free and environmentally friendly accessory. Thanks to its compact size, you can take it anywhere with you.

📌 Other recommended accessories and products:

🟡 Soft microfiber cloth: Essential for gently removing dust and dirt. Use the microfiber surface of the doodroo cleaning kit for effective cleaning.

🟡 Specific non-alcoholic cleaner: Included in the doodroo cleaning kit, or a water-based screen cleaning solution to avoid damaging the film.

🟡 Distilled water: Useful for diluting the cleaning solution, if necessary.

🟡 Cotton swabs or soft brushes: Perfect for cleaning corners and edges.

🟡 Compressed air: Ideal for removing dust and dirt without physical contact.

📌 Recommended cleaning procedure:

🟡 Dry cleaning: Start by removing dust and dirt using a microfiber cloth or compressed air.

🟡 Moistening: If dirt persists, lightly moisten the cloth with the specific cleaner or a nonalcoholic screen cleaning solution.

🟡 Cleaning with a damp cloth: Wipe the surface with the cloth, working gently to avoid excessive pressure.

🟡 Drying: Finish with a clean microfiber cloth to dry the surface and remove residual moisture.

📌 Tips for effective maintenance:

🟡 Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, alcohol or softeners, which can damage the film.

🟡 Do not apply the cleaner directly to the device, but to the cloth.

🟡 Regularly inspect the film for signs of damage or wear, to ensure that maximum functionality is maintained.

By carefully following this guide, you will help preserve the quality and responsiveness of your doodroo paper-effect protective film, significantly improving your digital writing and drawing experience 💛

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