3 tips to become a paperless student

3 tips to become a paperless student

We are accustomed to writing on paper since we are young and, in many cases, we rely on paper-based study methods, notebooks used for taking notes, which are then reworked and summarized over and over. At the end of school or of a university course we find ourselves with a lot of wasted paper and many notebooks "that may come in handy one day", cluttering our closets. Using a tablet or an iPad with a doodroo paper-effect film can be the right solution, but it's not always easy to let go of old habits. Here are 3 tips for abandoning paper and becoming a digital learner.

1/2 - Paper


For a student, taking notes is fundamental, especially when you do not have very specific paper-based references and, very often, the teacher or professor will orally present what they want to hear at the time of the final exam. This results in bringing dedicated notebooks and various pens or highlighters to every class, all this multiplied by the number of subjects you have on those days. But this also means many unexpected events: you forget that specific notebook at home, your highlighter runs out, your backpack no longer has room for lunch. Make your life easier and unburden yourself with one digital tool.

1/2 - PAPER


Each subject usually has at least 1 textbook that you need to carry with you, which will take space in backpack, it will add to its weight and which you will have to integrate into your notes. Not to mention the handouts that you have to print: they wrinkle, they tear and despite the thousand staples you put in them, they come off.

1/2 - PAPER


Tablets run out of battery, which doesn't happen with paper (in any case, you can always use a very convenient portable power bank to keep it charged). However, if you have a smartphone, for example, you can continue your work without worry.

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