Answering your top 3 questions

Answering your top 3 questions

We at doodroo listen to you, and we know that when you consider changing your screen protector or want to buy one for your new device, you often ask yourself some reasonable questions. If you are an artist or a professional, the following questions come to mind naturally when talking about a paper texture screen protector: it is, in fact, a tool that should improve your performance and help you a great deal in your daily work. Here are the answers to your questions.
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How long does a paper texture screen protector last?

Maybe you just bought the doodroo paper texture screen protector and a doubt creeps into your mind: how long will it last? Have I made a good purchase? Don't worry, take a deep breath, you are in excellent hands. The doodroo paper texture screen protector is very resistant thanks to the high quality PET material it is made of. It also has several key characteristics for its conservation: it is scratchproof and anti-fingerprint. These properties protect it from many external factors. With daily use, the doodroo screen protector lasts a good 6 to 12 months. However, this is only a theoretical time, a paper texture screen protector can last even longer. And then? You don't necessarily have to buy another one: the package already contains two screen protectors For iPad, Samsung Galaxy TAB, Onyx Boox, Microsoft Surface, Kindle or any other device. Keep the spare one to replace the worn one.





Does the doodroo paper texture screen protector protect the screen?

You've finished putting on the screen protector on your device and you're proud of it, but you wonder if it wasn't actually better to get a tempered glass screen protector to protect the display. No, you made the right choice: the doodroo screen protector also protects the screen of your device from minor bumps and scratches. Enjoy it in peace, you can write as easily as in a notebook, improve your drawings and projects by tracing lines as if on real drawing paper, as well as read without losing that pleasant sensation that paper gives you. The doodroo paper texture screen protector is the right screen protector for all your creative needs on Tablets, iPads and e-readers.





Do paper texture screen protectors damage the tip of the Apple Pencil?

The question that we get the most is: do paper texture screen protectors excessively wear out the Apple Pencil, Samsung Pen or any other digital pen? Don't worry, this is not the case. Obviously, the Pencil consumes a little more than normal when used on a surface with greater friction and, in general, we expect an average consumption time of a few months with a basic tip and prolonged daily use. But not to worry, we have the solution for you: use a metallic finish Apple Pencil tip in ABS like the doodroo one. This will greatly extend the deterioration time and, in any case, one pack contains 3 tips.

Here are all the advantages of a doodroo screen protector:

✔ Provides the same sensation as writing on paper

✔ Protects the display

✔ Anti-scratch finish

✔ Anti-glare finish

✔ Application kit included

✔ 2 screen protectors included

✔ Compatible with a wide range of tablets, iPads and e-readers


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